Welcome to Academy Of Art & Design

Welcome to the Creative Educational & Charitable Trust's - Academy of Art & Design (Govt. Regd.), a school that can help you transform your talent, skills and passion into possibilities. At AAD, you'll find a likeminded community of creatively driven students and instructors committed to helping you develop your abilities and prepare for the exciting professional arenas of design, fashion, and technology.

Academy of Art & Design (Govt. Regd.) is formed by a group of young and motivated registered architects, interior designers, fashion designers & engineers who have come together with the aim of reaching the "Peak"- of the fashion/interior/architectural/ engineering education world.

Regular/ Correspondence Diploma courses available

Department of Interior Design & Space Management

Department of Fashion Design & Apparel Management

Fast Track Diploma courses also available



    Students choose a challenging project, which they organise themselves and realise in their extra-curricular time. Thus, they practice projects that require initiative, creativity, leadership and responsibility. The challenge for the students lies in self organising their projects.